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Exhibition of the "Rare Birds of China"

Commemorating the World Economic Forum - Chinese Business Summit

Gala Dinner at the Great Hall of the People

Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

September 11, 2004


The Elizabeth Wang Gallery and the Chinese Cultural Foundation presented a special program at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during the World Economic Forum - China Business Forum.  The event focused on culture enhancement and environmental protection.  


This historic event highlighted China's cultural, environmental and conservation programs.  The event was co-sponsored by CITIC Industrial Bank and China Anda Resorts.  The program was attended by more than 300 government officials, Chinese and international cultural and business leaders many of whom spoke in support of China's environmental protection efforts.


It is notable that as long as 3,000 years ago, Chinese artists painted colorful images of pheasants on parchment and embroidered them on tapestries. Then, 300 years ago, Western explorers began to discover that the flamboyant birds actually existed, and that many of them lived in the remote highlands of forests of China. Today, those extraordinary beautiful Chinese birds continue to fascinate the world. 


The Collection of the “Rare Birds of China” was created by J. Fenwick Lansdowne, "A Twentieth Century Audubon".  It was commissioned by Sir David K. Newbigging and Sir James D. Wolfensohn, as an artistic record of rare and endangered species in China. The collection represents humanitarian, environmental, cross-cultural and artistic excellence of the highest order.


Special Thanks to: Hidetoshi Fujisawa, Director General, General Bureau for America, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Professor Toming Jiu Jun, and John W. Allen and Elizabeth B. Wang, Founding Trustees of the Chinese Cultural Foundation.


This video was produced as part of the Commemorating the World Economic Forum - China Business Summit, Beijing 2004. A Production of NHK in collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Foundation and the Elizabeth Wang Gallery.

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