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                                           Chen Chi at the Palace of Versailles


                    "AQUARELLES DE CHEN CHI "- A Retrospective Art Exhibition


                                                                           Paris, June 17, 2000


The Elizabeth Wang Gallery in collaboration with the Chinese Cultural Foundation were proud to be invited to organize the first-ever exhibition of a living Chinese artist Chen Chi at the Palace of Versailles in France, commemorating the First World Cultural Summit. 

Chen Chi, an internationally renowned watercolorlist, developed a unique style which bridges Eastern sensibilities and Western techniques as well as historical and contemporary settings. 50 watercolor paintings were selected in this retrospective exhibition, entitled: "Aquarelles de Chen Chi."

This event highlighted the Elizabeth Wang Gallery's mission to bringing the finest transitional contemporary Chinese art to the world.   Li Zhaoxing, Chinese Ambassador to the United States provided the following letter of support:


    “Congratulation to Chen Chi and the Elizabeth Wang Gallery and Chen Chi, for your combined achievements in promoting global cultural exchange at such a high level.” 

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