Chen Chi at Bank of China Exhibition, 2003
ChenChi and Mayor of Versailles
I.M.Pei, Mu Xin at the Elizabeth Wang Gallery
Mu Xin at the Bank of China Exhibition O
C.C.Wang Exhibition at Elizabeth Wang Gallery
C.C. Wang and Elizabeth at Gallery, 1995
Xinle Ma and Ambassador Sun Guoxiang
Xinle Ma at Times Square's giant LED Scr
Xinle Ma with Steven Rockefeller at Nati
Xinle Ma
Xinle Ma, Xiaojing Li, Elizabeth Wang at
Federal Hall Exhibition Opening
Ellen Qiongzhao with her artwork _Thanks
Ellen Qiongzhao Schicktanz and family
Zhiyuan Cong, Ambassador Zhang Yishan, Yue-Sai Kan at UN

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