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Celebrating the Life and Art of Mu Xin


World Economic Forum, China Business Summit

Beijing, September 12 - 13, 2004



The Elizabeth Wang Gallery exhibited 30 of Mu Xin's paintings and hosted a special  panel during the World Economic Forum, China Business Summit in Beijing.

The special session, "Nightcap - A Conversation with Mu Xin" was moderated by Elizabeth B. Wang and joined by Professor Chen Danqing of Beijing Qinghua University, a distinguished artist and a student of Mu Xin.  Participants also viewed an exclusive interview with Mu Xin produced by Hidetoshi Fujisawa, Director General, NHK General Bureau for America, a leading Japanese international media company. 


A commemorative catalogue "Celebrating the Life and Art of Mu Xin" dedicated to the World Economic Forum, was published and distributed to all 500 participants.

Mu Xin was one of the most celebrated artist-intellectuals of our time. He was known for his complex writings and paintings. Clearly a formidable figure in the cultural and intellectual history of Chinese modernism, Mu Xin was admired for his unique synthesis of Chinese and Western aesthetic sensibilities.


This video was produced by NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation in conjunction with the Elizabeth Wang Gallery and the Chinese Cultural Foundation. Celebrating the life and art of Mu Xin and commemorating the World Economic Forum - China Business Summit, Beijing 2004.

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